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OFFKM youth serve the community

Our Father’s Family Keeper  Ministries has a special place in our heart for the young people in our community.Color run pix #2 20160924_103826

We love seeing them achieve at their maximum potential, and even more than that, love seeing them giving back to their community.

This past year, our OFFKM youth did just that, volunteering their time to participate in the annual 4-H Color Run and visiting a local nursing home, where they shared cards they’d made for the residents and spent time with them.

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~  Do you or someone you know need any of these community resources? ~

OFFKM seeks volunteer Life Skills Coach

OFFKM is seeking a new, volunteer Life Skills Coach for our Transition House in Vandalia.

We are looking for a mature individual who has the skill and temperament to work with single women and those with families, who are homeless or at risk of becoming homelessL Someone with a heart of compassion, who is willing to share their life experiences in a meaningful, patient way.

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Our Father’s Family Keeper Ministries is seeking a new, volunteer Life Skills Coach.

The candidate should:

*  Help women create personal budgets;

*   Show clients how to plan healthy, nutritious meals;

*  Demonstrate to women how to parent their children in a loving, firm, structured manner;

*  Show women how to maintain their household;

*  Help women plan and manage their time each week to achieve short- term, and part of their long-term goals;

* Lead these women in developing personal short- and long-term goals, using the SMART strategy (Simple, Manageable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-focused);

*  Be able to show candidates how to dress for success and dress appropriately for interviews;

*  Be able to drive.

Those being considered for the position must submit to a drug and alcohol test, the cost of which will be paid for by Our Father’s Family Keeper Ministries.

Interested?  Call 269.476.1257 or send an email to

Take our After-School & Summer Enrichment Programming Survey

Our Father's Family Keeper Ministries is trying to assess the community's needs and thoughts about after-school and summer academic and enrichment programming, both of which we have hosted before.

We’re doing that with our After-school and Summer Academic Programming Survey!  We’d like to know what you think!  

     Click here to start our free survey!!
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Another after-school tutorial and summer youth program?

You interested?

Our Father’s Family Keeper Ministries is still hard at work, behind the scenes, trying to create another opportunity for a summer academic and enrichment opportunity for Vandalia-area youth.

We are also hard at work planning to host another after-school tutoring session for the 2016 -2017 school year and are looking for volunteers and a location that will be convenient to students.

As a parent, caretaker or other vested adult, would you be interested in seeing the return of our summer academic-enrichment program and our after-school tutorial program?  We will be posting a survey on these items, and other concerns, on our website, so sty tuned.
Let us know about your interest in either the after-school program or the summer academic-enrichment program by emailing your comments to:

Students gather to celebrate the final day of our inaugural 2015 Summer Academic & Enrichment Program!
Students gather to celebrate the final day of our inaugural 2015 Summer Academic & Enrichment Program!

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Youth participate in 4-H horse program

Two area youth spent the summer learning about horses in a program run by Mr. Ray Hahn, the 4-H Rocky River Riders leader.  The two youth who enjoyed this experience were 5-year-old Aivian Allen and 6-year-old Keion White.  Hahn worked with other youtAV with horseh, Ms. Lauren and Ms. Courtney, in this venture.
     A big congrats to Mr. Ray Hahn for his selfless devotion to our youth and his sharing of his passion with them.
     This is also a plea to raise donations for Mr. Hahn and his horse program, to help his 4-H Club raise funds to maintain his horse, and to solicit helpers to volunteer an hour or two a week to help with chores.


Summer’s almost here: Ready . . . set . . . read!

The arrival of Memorial Day signals the beginning of summer!  Yaaay!!

     For some children, it’s the time to enjoy some leisurely days and time away from daily rigors of school . . . but not completely!

Educational studies say students can lose two to more months of reading and math skills over the summer if efforts are  not made to engage in some things educational and stimulating.

So, between the long, lazy days of summer, go to your local library, and if your child does not have a library card, sign up for one.  Find out what reading programs and games your local library has.

Take time out to visit a museum . . . or take a nature hike, identifying the flowers, plants and birds and animals as you go.

Enjoy your summer, but dare to be deliberate with your child’s summer reading!

     Ready . . . set . . . READ!!